Dan Adams and Ed Biggs: raising funds in aid of Riders for Health - Charity Number 1054565.  

There are a number of reasons why we have chosen to support Riders for Health.  By doing so, we are able to benefit some of the communities we visit along the way.

"Riders" are a charitable organisation whose main work is in providing African health workers with vehicles, rider and driver training, vehicle maintenance training and motorcycle safety equipment, in addition to the essential management systems to ensure that these resources are used as intended.  Of course, as keen motorcyclists, there is a natural link between our passion and their work.


Riders for Health was originally set up by members of the motorcycle racing community and maintains close links with the racing scene.  Ed used to race in the UK Nationals with pit support from Dan, so both of us have been aware of Riders' work for many years. 

Both of us are engineering graduates, and Dan works to design and develop engines for the automotive industry.  It's of particular personal relevance that Riders have developed a sustainable solution to the issues of health delivery based on a culture of maintenance and training.


Riders' work increases the number of health workers that can be kept mobile. In a Riders supported area in Zimbabwe there are now 90% more health workers using vehicles. This enables them to diagnose and treat more patients.



Riders has also helped increase the proportion of fully immunised infants in the Gambia from 62% to 73%, and has seen a decrease in malaria deaths in Zimbabwe of 21% in a region served by motorcycles and supported by Riders, compared with a 44% increase in neighbouring regions.


Riders Statistics

Countries in which Riders operates                5

Number of vehicles managed by Riders          1,274

People reached                                            10.8 million

Number of people employed in UK                 16

Number of people employed in Africa             230

Please visit their website: to learn more about their work, and help us support them by donating through our easy, secure credit/debit card donations page, here.